Sarah Terrell

Visual Artist, Illustrator, & Designer


Sarah Terrell is a painter, designer, illustrator, crafter/maker and amateur photographer living in Hampden, Maine. Her work is heavily influenced by the beauty of the natural world, myths and folklore, as well as popular culture. Her art style can best be described as a blend of realism and surrealism, where the familiar meets the fantastical.

  • My Background

    I grew up in Germany, England, Alaska, and Idaho, where I received my BFA in Illustration from Boise State University. I've lived in Colorado, Southern Texas, and moved to Maine in March of 2023.

  • My Mediums

    I primarily work with acrylic paint on wood and metal, often found and repurposed. Digital illustration, drawing, and photography also find ways into my work.

  • My Inspiration

    I love being outside, so much of my inspiration comes from nature. As a lover of myths, folklore, & pop culture, elements, themes & characters from familiar stories often appear in my work.