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Abominable - Original Acrylic Painting on Wood Plaque

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Abominable - Original Acrylic Painting Wood Plaque
Acrylic on Wood Plaque
7" x 10"

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In this acrylic painting, a solitary Yeti walks amidst a raging snowstorm, its towering figure barely visible through the swirling snowflakes. With fur bristling against the cold, evoking a sense of primal resilience. The icy winds whip through the scene, creating an atmosphere of isolation and mystery. Against the backdrop of the storm, the Yeti's presence is both haunting and majestic, embodying the untamed spirit of the Himalayan wilderness.



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Keith McDonald
I love my abominable!!!

I just received my painting from Sarah. It's marvelous. Her details, creativity and constant grind to make great art shine through all her work. This is my first purchase from her but not the last. Thanks Sarah, he's amazing.