Sarah Terrell

Visual Artist, Illustrator, & Designer

  • My Background

    A gypsy by nature, I have lived in South Carolina, Germany, England, Alaska, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Maine, and Idaho where I received my BFA in Illustration.

  • My Mediums

    While I primarily work with acrylic paints and digital tools, I will work with any materials I can get my hands on & love repurposing old materials to help minimize waste.

  • My Inspiration

    I love stories and the natural world, so my work often includes wildlife, landscapes, and florals as well as elements, characters, and themes from myths, folklore, and pop culture.

Bio & Philosophy

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I am an acrylic painter, digital  illustrator, graphic designer,  crafter/maker and amateur  photographer, currently living in  Hampden, Maine.

My art style is a reflection of my personal experiences and the beauty I find in the world around me. I strive to capture emotions and convey them through vivid colors, bold lines, and intricate details. Inspired by both nature and urban landscapes, I aim to create a visual narrative that evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity in the viewer. Every stroke of the brush or pencil is purposeful, as I meticulously layer textures and engage with different mediums to achieve depth and dimension. My style can best be described as a blend of realism and surrealism, where the familiar meets the fantastical. Through my artwork, I hope to encourage others to see the world with fresh eyes and appreciate the inherent artistic beauty that surrounds us all.

I was a military kid, born in the 80’s. I grew up on, or near Air Force bases in Germany, England, Alaska, and Idaho, where I received my BFA in Illustration from Boise State University in 2010. As an adult, I have lived in the mountains of Colorado, as well as near the coast of Southern Texas, and recently returned to Maine in March of 2023. I’ve moved so many times, I’ve lost count. Change and the desire to create are the only constants for me; and drive the works I produce. The different communities that I have been a part of, the drastic changes in landscape and wildlife around me, and the values of the various local cultures have provided a seemingly endless bounty from which to garner inspiration for subject matter, style, and context. 
Some of the key themes of my work are inspired by nature, myths and local folklore, as well as pop culture legends and sensations. I am a hiker, and an avid photo taker, often using my own photos as references for landscape and wildlife paintings, which are often mistaken for photos themselves. As a gamer, and lover of books, movies, and tv shows, characters, themes, and elements from popular stories often find their way into my work. These works tend towards the sci-fi and fantasy realms, and appeal to audiences of all ages.

I have worked in several creative fields. I have been an in-house Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Photographer, Fine Art Reproduction Production Assistant, as well as a Glass Blowing Instructor, and Ceramic Tile Producer. In Idaho, I was an active member of the Swell Artists Collective, and spent seven years as a mural artist for Freak Alley Gallery, the Northwest’s largest open-air, multi-artist gallery. Currently, I am working full time as a graphic designer, while continuing to manage my own art business. I have had work featured in a few solo exhibitions, the first of which was in 2010 and the most recent two are in January of 2024. Over the years I've continued to participate in group exhibitions, benefit auctions, art festivals and markets.